5 easy ways to boost your online marketing efforts

10 October 2017Kelly Paik2 min read

A great online marketing strategy starts with innovative ideas and the perseverance to see a plan fully through to execution. But let’s not overlook some good old improvements that help keep all your larger efforts running at full speed. Whether you’re looking to polish up on existing processes or you’re searching for some new ideas to try out, here are some of the things you can do to give your online marketing strategy a boost.

Stay current on social media accounts

It can be a hassle staying on top of multiple social media accounts across multiple platforms. And every business will inevitably find the platforms that work better for them than others and they’ll reallocate resources and love accordingly.

Whatever your personal favourite may be, treat each social media handle equally by checking-in with each regularly. Keep an eye on the date of the most recent post so you continue to look engaged on the account. Even in a crunch, one very easy way to stay current is to share newsworthy content from other industry experts with your own commentary added in. Or share a company photo that keeps customers feeling updated.

Extend content reach

Social media platforms are great for engaging with the existing user base but every marketer is constantly on the hunt for new ways to reach brand new eyeballs as well. Often, reaching the right users involves much more research and legwork than paid advertising. Learn about a variety of different strategies you can employ for increasing your content reach provided by Outbrain.

Keep landing pages looking sharp

The landing page is any marketer’s best weapon for generating valuable new leads. And that’s precisely why it’s so important to invest in even small design improvements that push the conversion rate upward. Don’t let potential leads fall through the cracks because of bad layout decisions. Here are just a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the best value out of your landing pages:

  • Explain your offer clearly in the headline. Then provide a strong and prominent call to action. It’s all about making the decision as clear and easy as possible.
  • Only put one offer per landing page. Landing pages with multiple offers get 266% fewer leads than single offer pages, says Marketing Sherpa. Again, it’s all about clarity and ease.
  • Make your form as short as possible. Only ask for the information you need right now!
  • Provide social proof. Post any testimonials, quotes, or comments from past customers on the page to add a dash of persuasion and trustworthiness.

Maximize retention with the right customer support tactics

A great strategy cares just as much about retention as acquisitions. And one great way to build loyalty generating satisfaction is through exceptional customer service. Respond quickly to direct inquiries as well as those posted on social media. Go even further by responding to negative customer reviews with professionalism and care. Check out more ideas for improving your customer support from Post Funnel.

Take advantage of automated marketing workflows

So you already have a lot of marketing ideas up your sleeve you’re just waiting to try out. But what you really need is the free time to finally get started on all those projects. You can free up time and increase the effectiveness of some of your email marketing campaigns by implementing the right automated marketing workflows. Find some ideas here for potential touchpoints you can offload to automation.