Easiest Ways to Increase Your Social Media Traffic

22 December 2020Danni Warner2 min read

It’s only getting harder for a business to stand out on social media as the world becomes progressively more digital. Algorithms for your favourite social platforms are ever-changing, sometimes making it difficult for small businesses to keep up. Here are some handy tips to beat the algorithms and increase your social media traffic.


In order to make good use of your businesses social media, create a schedule for your posts. Consistency is very important no matter what platform you’re using. Constant Contact created a cheat sheet to help you determine how often you should be posting in order to get the most traffic. Get to know your audience and their routines by using helpful tools such as Followerwonk. This will tell you when your followers are more active so you can tailor your schedule to reach the most people. Encourage engagement on your posts by adding photos, gifs, graphs or anything visual. 

Use Visuals

It’s shown that posts containing images receive up to 650% more engagement than posts without. When selling a product, posts with a demo or a video are 85% more likely to end with the customer buying the product immediately. With 80 million photos shared per day, Instagram is the best platform for sharing visual content with the highest engagement rate over other social networks (4.21%). Make an effort to plan and keep your posts consistent using relevant high-quality photos. Your content should reflect your brand. 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual and visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social networks, so use this to your advantage.

Build Relationships

On every network, it’s important to build relationships. Spark conversations with people also in your industry as well as people who may require your services in future. When it comes to customer care, 34% of people’s use social media as their first stop with 1 in 3 choosing to go to a competitor if ignored. Be prompt with your replies and provide the best help that you can. Make time to respond to tweets or posts about your business and answer questions related to you or your industry. Connecting with other businesses could strengthen your brand’s domain.

Research your competition

Firstly, you have to establish who your competitors are. You can do this by searching for the keywords you would search to find your own business. Analyse the types of content they post, their post schedule, and how/if they interact with their audience. Use this to adapt your own strategy to boost your own social media traffic.

Improve your SEO

This will connect you to your direct audience, therefore increasing your traffic and generating more potential sales. Actively monitoring and improving your SEO is an effective way to increase your visibility. Page 2 and 3 of Google search results receive less than 6% of clicks so you want to do all you can to get your website to the top. If you’re selling a product, your position in Google will affect your buyer persuasion.