Top 5 remarketing platforms

2 September 2018Jake Dickerson1 min read

If you have not heard about the power of remarketing then now is the time to find out all about it. Remarketing is a very effective marketing method that businesses are using to boost their sales.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing involves the use of cookies that track where your website visitors go after they have been on your website. The majority of people who are online shopping do not buy a product the first time that they visit a website. They might visit a website several times before they actually financially commit to the purchase. Remarketing essentially reminds someone that previously visited your website about the product that they showed an interest in.

So as an example, maybe you were checking out some new shoes and you even put them into your online shopping cart. Then you didn’t have your bank card on you, or you wanted to wait until you got home to make the payment but then you just forgot and did not complete the payment. A few days later, you are on another website and up pops an ad for that exact pair of shoes. Coincidence? No, this is just how remarketing works. It reminds potential customers about your company and your product or services and drives sales that you might have otherwise missed out on.

Here are 5 remarketing platforms that could help your business.

Google Ads Remarketing

Google is, of course, the powerhouse of online activities and it will come as no surprise that it offers one of the best remarketing solutions around. Google Ads offers standard remarketing, (ads for previous visitors when they visit other sites), dynamic remarketing (using specific products they have visited on your site), remarketing lists for search ads and video remarketing for users who watched your videos.

Facebook retargeting

Facebook has over 1 billion active users so they offer a unique opportunity to reach out to a huge population. Customer Audiences is the name of their remarketing platform and it works by placing a Facebook pixel (a small piece of code) onto your website to build your custom audience.


ReTargeter offers a range of solutions including a mix of Facebook, CRM, dynamic retargeting and search options. Again, it works by placing a pixel on your website to target them with your ads. ReTargeter is set up to cater for larger businesses, typically ones that attract volumes of over 30,000 visitors per month. It is not really in the budget range for smaller businesses.

Instagram retargeting ads

As Facebook also owns Instagram, it makes sense that they also offer retargeting through this platform too. Instagram is becoming increasingly popular as a social media tool for businesses and their retargeting solution works the same way as Facebook.


AdRoll is perfect for using with e-commerce sites such as Shopify or Magento to link into marketing tools like MailChimp or Marketo. It uses abandoned shopping cart information to turn interested website users into customers by reminding them about your product/company.