Search Engine Optimisation

  • We take a data-driven approach & focus on what delivers results.
  • Over 10+ years, we've delivered results for hundreds of clients.
  • Search engines evolve and we do too. SEO is dynamic.
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Where we specialise



Outrank competitors on with websites.



We specialise in financial and fintech websites.

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Local Business

Strategies tailored for local businesses and brands.



Designs for individuals and company portfolios.




SEO today is very different to 10 years ago, and so the strategies should be too. At Vertanet, we've trialled countless techniques and optimisations over the years to establish what works, what doesn't, and what we should trial in the future.

We never do SEO for the sake of it; we start with your aims and goals and work out how we can meet them.


Programmatic SEO

As one of our main strategies, programmatic combines SEO, AI, and development to automate the creation of web pages. This allows us to create a high volume of content across a range of topics, that would be prohibitive to write manually. The result is more indexed content and traffic.


Ever Evolving

Search engines evolve, and so should SEO. We constantly test different strategies to see what yields the best gains.


Data-driven, results-led

Transparent and performant

Keeping our clients involved in the ongoing process is incredibly important for us. We detail the strategy and progress through regular updates, as well as how the strategy will evolve in the future. The results and data can then speak for itself.



We believe our edge compared to other agencies is our willingness to innovate. It's too easy for established SEO campaigns to go stale with no new strategies to improve growth, which is why we consistently test new techniques.ย 

If you would like to discuss your campaign with a member of our team, please get in touch with us here.