Web Hosting

Sleep Easy With Our Reliable, Fully Managed Service

Our web hosting solutions focus on reliability, security and performance and are backed up by our team of experts.

  • Our fully managed service means that we’re here to help with every aspect of your hosting package.
  • We have a wide range of solutions that grow as your website grows.
  • By using the latest software and hardware, we can offer a truly premium experience.

Make WordPress Headache Free

Managed Hosting & Maintenance

Let us take care of your WordPress website, so you can focus on what matters to your business.

  • We use WordPress optimised, blazing fast servers and performance optimisations for lightning-quick loading times.
  • We secure your WordPress website using web application firewalls (WAF) and brute-force protection systems.
  • 9 out of 10 hacked websites can be prevented by using the latest software updates; we ensure WordPress and your plugin/themes are updated regularly.
  • In addition to preventative maintenance, we also regularly scan for malware, take backups in real-time and monitor for malicious visual/scripting changes.

Premium Web Hosting

At Vertanet, we take pride in our web hosting solutions. Our premium service does not compromise on performance, reliability or security.

  • We use fast, modern servers for quick loading times. We never overload servers.
  • Our servers have the latest versions of popular software available, such as WordPress, PHP and Python.