Web Security

Protect Your Digital Brand

On average 30,000 websites are hacked every day, with that number set to rise. Don’t let your brand become another statistic.

  • Our team has proven experience removing malware, mitigating attacks and protecting websites/web apps.
  • We take web security extremely seriously. Our developers are continuously monitoring for vulnerabilities and checking the best programming practices for enhanced security.

Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

Website Security

We provide professional security protection for WordPress websites, which is bundled in our hosting and maintenance packages.

  • We secure your WordPress website using web application firewalls (WAF) and brute-force protection systems.
  • 9 out of 10 hacked websites can be prevented by using the latest software updates; we ensure WordPress and your plugin/themes are updated regularly.
  • In addition to preventative maintenance, we also regularly scan for malware, take backups and monitor for malicious visual/scripting changes.

Get Back Up and Running

Malware Removal

If your website has been hacked, our team of experts can help.

  • If your website has been defaced, we first make the website more presentable to avoid damage to your brand.
  • We use several advanced methods and specialist tools to repair the damage and remove the malware.
  • We patch the code to prevent subsequent exploits of the vulnerability.